Unique QA/QC & Food Safety Considerations in Legal Cannabis Edibles & Beverages R&D #FPSA144

Thu. October 10| 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM | Food Safety Summit Theater (468)

In an industry dominated by efforts to bake a “better brownie,” how can today’s edibles and beverage processors raise the bar? Cannabistry Labs™ has focused its scientific efforts on understanding, unlocking and optimizing many of the key chemical compounds found in cannnabis. Its goal is to create cannabis-infused products that offer specific patient groups reliable efficacy with significantly milder side effects than traditional pharmaceutical options. Cannbistry Labs is staffed by scientists with years of experience from food, beverage and pharmaceutical companies. Come hear how these scientists apply their disciplines to every aspect of ingredient research, quality control and assurance, food safety, regulatory guidance, and product testing.


Jones, Addae

Jones, Addae

Cannabistry Labs